It is extremely important to enlarge image without losing quality, especially when you want to know how to enlarge an image to print. Images and visuals have become the primary source of appeal and information in the digital space and so it is crucial for anyone to have images that are usable anywhere. Let’s take a look at Vance AI Image Enlarger, its features, and how to enlarge an image. 

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How to Enlarge an Image to Print with Vance AI Image Enlarger

Enlarging images with the image enlarger online tool is really easy and a quick process. Follow these steps to enlarge image within a few seconds and clicks. 

1.    First, use the link given above to access the website. Click on Upload Image there to get started. It will open up the Vance AI Workspace. 

Enlarger First Page

2.    The box that you see is the Workspace wherein you can check your subscription details and upload images. To upload an image, use the plus sign on the left and click on Start to Process.

Workspace Vance

3.    Go to the Processed tab and click on the Preview icon of the image. Now, use the Download Image button to save the image into your device.

Download Vance

How does Vance AI Image Enlarger Work?

Now, let’s check how well the image upscaler can enlarge image. We will use a few different kinds of images. 

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Enlarge Old Photo to Print

Old Photo

As seen from the above image, the original image has been upscaled to twice its size though the online application is capable of going all the way till eight. Apart from that, there are clear quality differences between the two images. While the old one does lack clarity and sharpness, the new image remedies that considerably. The characters on the boat appear much sharper as well. Due to this, the colors look much better in the new image.

Enlarge Portrait to Print

Eyes Vance

The original image, in this case, has been upscaled four times its size and the results are great. Not only does the tool manage to maintain the quality of the old image but also enhance it in some ways. Upon zooming in, there were visible differences between the quality of the images. 

Enlarge Landscape to Print

Light house LS Vance

This image has been upscaled eight times its size. Even at such an increase, the quality of the image is mesmerizing and definitely worth using anywhere. The color fidelity is great and so are the rest of the features of the image such as the lighting. Moreover, the application processed these images within seconds, as expected. 


1.    What's the best DPI for printing?

While there are many aspects to a picture, including the instances where you need to print them, a solid DPI of 300 is widely considered to be the best. 

300DP IImage

As you can see from the comparison images, the 300 DPI output not only increases the quality of the image but as a result, it also increases clarity, which is essential in any print and infographic. 

2. How to enlarge image without losing quality for printing?

To enlarge image without losing quality is often a difficult task considering that most tools tend to miss out on enhancing the quality of the image for upscaling. Vance AI Image Enlarger is certainly a safe bet for enlarging images without losing quality thanks to its AI based technology and proven performance. Plus, you can pair it with BGremover, the Vance AI online tool for erasing image background.


Vance AI Image Enlarger is a great tool to have if you want to enlarge images for printing without losing quality. In fact, the tool alternatively enhances the quality of the image and can be used with tools like BGremover or removebg for all kinds of image editing tasks.